Who Are We?

We are a bunch of people who have somewhere at some point of time been customers of some or the other company. Our cumulative experiences of being a customer united and started a service that would immensely help customers stay connected with the company. We being an organization developed an insight from the owner’s point of view in dealing with customers and the market too.


In our brainstorming sessions we came up with a few points which conclude the need of the hour for a business to stand firm in the market. And, they were:

Bulk 24 SMS is an ever growing company that provides Bulk SMS services, and helps you in all the three mentioned above. Our aim is to make our clients a brand and not just serve them and forget. In order to do so, we provide quality solutions that are reliable and fast. In our tenure of providing unmatched service since long now, we have realized that to capture both the corporate and the consumer market it is surely not a cake walk.

For any business customer is the Boss. He is the one who makes a company a brand, and a brand a success. With Bulk SMS you can reach out to all your existing customers all together in one go and satisfy them for a lifetime experience with your brand. You can also approach the new would be customers. .