Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Do you charge any setup fee or monthly rental to use the service?

    No, it is FREE to register and you only pay for per message credit.
  • How many Credits does one message cost?

    One message of (1-160 character) is take 1 credit. So, u can utilize I credit to send a

    message to any mobile network in India.
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  • How long does message delivery takes?

    Its delivered within second. You can send up to lacs of sms in one goes.
  • How much validity you provide?

    We provide unlimited validity.
  • What is Sender-ID?

    Sender-ID is the alpha/numeric string which appears on receiver destination. For

    transactional route we provide six character dynamic sender id.
  • Can I change sender-ID?

    Yes, we provide Open sender-ID. Now, you can use dynamic sender id.
  • What is the maximum character limit of a message?

    It takes 1 credit up to 160 characters.
  • How many SMS can we send in one go?

    You can send more lacs of sms in one go, its depend upon the option you are chosen to

    send sms.
  • Can I send sms in other language?

    Yes, by our Unicode option you can send sms in any language as you want.
  • Can I send Flash SMS?

    Yes, you can send. You just have to do one click on flash sms.
  • Where I can put my user's number?

    There is an option of phone-book from their you can mange you client list.
  • From where I can saw my delivery report?

    We provide real time delivery report. From Delivery report option you can see delivery

  • What is NDNC numbers?

    NDND numbers are National Do Not Call Numbers. NDNC registry is the registry of mobile

    numbers which should be excluded from telemarketing calls. You not allow sending any

    type of marketing sms on NDNC numbers.
  • Do you provide bulk sms service on DND numbers?

    We provide this service only for informative or transactional content.
  • Do you provide the voice SMS? How to upload it?

    Yes, we provide voice SMS. The process is given below-
    • Download WavePad software from Voice SMS option and Install it
    • Open the file
    • Click on Save file as option
    • Click on Save button in the next window
    • Then new Wave Encoder Option window open
    • Select the Attributes option at 8000 Hz, 8 bit, Mono
    • Then choose Save
    • Then use that file for sending Voice SMS
  • What is difference between Basic & premium voice SMS?

    In premium you need to pay answered call only but in basic you have to pay for every

  • Do you provide API?

    Yes, from our developer tool option you get different API like HTTP API, XML API with

    error code.
  • I forget my password. What I have to do?

    Just click on forget password option than you got a message on you mobile with reset

  • Do you offer technical support?

    Yes, technical support is available through email. If you having any issue then just raise

    support ticket to support@bulk24sms.com .
  • FAQ's not help me out.

    If you having further issue then just do mail on support@bulk24sms.com .