What is the process of DLT registration with Operator?

It takes just a few simple steps for DLT registration. Let's quickly go through them -

Open the DLT Registration Platform

Go to your browser and search for DLT Registration Platform

Sign up and Log in for Registration

Sign up then Click on the Login button or if you have already signed up then login directly. You will be redirected to a window where you can see options to register DLT. Select the "As Enterprise" option and click the next button.

Give Confirmation

A pop-up shall appear asking you if you are sure to register as an enterprise. Click "Yes."


Another pop-up will appear to ask, if you have registered with any other Mobile Operator DLT Network then Click "No" and fill in your PAN Card Details below and then click on Verify and Continue button to proceed.

Registration Form

You shall be redirected to a registration form. Fill all the details carefully, and then click "Continue."

Enter OTP

You shall receive a one-time password on your registered mobile number. Enter the same And click "Confirm."

Email Verification

Just like your mobile number, you shall be prompted to verify your registered email address as well. Open your mail id, click on the received link, and verify your email id.

Log in to DLT Registration Platform

Once your email address is verified, Once your email address is verified, Login page will be open then select "As Enterprise," and login successfully. Select "As Enterprise," and login to the platform. Your Gmail id and password are the credentials you have to use for logging in.

Complete Your Profile

Once you are logged in, complete your profile by filling in the required details in the form.

Document Submission

Keep all the documents ready and submit the same in the required format to the platform. The list of documents that you need to keep ready and submit is:

  • Proof of Business Identity,
  • Proof of Business Entity,
  • Letter of Authorization,
  • Letter showing Authorized Signatory.

Choosing Your Telemarketer

Once you submit your documents, you are prompted for account creation. Choose "Telemarketer" for the option and fill in "SHREERAM TECHNOLOGY SERVICES Pvt. Ltd." as your telemarketer. For the Telemarketer ID, fill in the number carefully: 1502680100000014065 and then click continue.

You don't have to pay any registration fee for this; it's directly going to mention the fees as Rs. 0. Click on Continue.

Create Your Account

Your registration is successful. You shall be prompted to create an account. Click on the "Continue to Create Account" Button. Your temporary registration number will be generated. You will get the DLT/ENTITY REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE from your DLT OPERATOR on your registered mail id.

How to register headers (sender names) in the DLT platform?

Now you can add your headers (sender ID) from the below Headers tab at the dashboard.

There are two types of Headers to Pick from -- Promotional & Others (for message such as OTPs,transactional, alerts, etc.):

Insert your 6-character alpha headers (sender ID) from the text box & Justify the selected headers from the description box or by attaching a supportive document Promotional (for message such as offers, discounts, etc.):

Insert your chosen 6-digit numerical headers (sender ID) from the text box & Select your own category/industry type from the drop-down, Justify the selected headers at the description box or by attaching a supportive document

What is Template Registration Process on DLT Platform ?

Now you can add your TEMPLATE from the TEMPLATE tab at the dashboard.

The Template registration process involves 2 parts:

Consent Registration

This involves set of consent of the end customer to send future communication to them concerning the services being registered to. This works like an "Opt-In" message.

Note- For promotional and marketing SMS, Consent registration is highly mandatory to process further.

Content Registration

This template is for the messages which you intend to send out to your clients.This is OTP, Transactional or promotional, determined by the material You plan on pushing.

Note - To avoid template rejection you must need to mention your brand name in the content.

What is the process to add HEADER, PE ID AND SENDER ID on BULK24SMS portal?

Login with your BULK24SMS account with your login credentials

Click on username then select DLT setting information (account > Username > DLT Setting Information > Entity ID/Registration ID.)

Enter your detail in the required fields such as HEADER ID,PE ID, SENDER ID

What is the process to add template on BULK24SMS portal?

After login to your BULK24SMS portal Click on username then select DLT setting information (account > Username > DLT Setting Information > Template ID and Content.)

Do I need to Change the API after DLT Template Registration ?

No Change in APIs even after DLT template registration

By following the above procedure of template registration, BULK24SMS users don't need to change the API to send the SMS. Our dynamic portal automatically generates the API to send the SMS.

For DLT support- feel free to contact us at 8602200100 or dlt.helpdesk@bulk24sms.com

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